Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So I'll fight again, again, again, again, again.
And for a little while more, I'll soar the uneven wind,
complain and blame the sterile land
But if you're getting any bright ideas, quiet dear
I'm blooming within fast as you can, baby wait watch me,
I'll be out fast as I can, maybe late but at least about
Fast as you can leave me, let this thing
Run its route...
Music by: Anathema [A Natural Disaster]

Monday, January 21, 2008

Gripping hand

On one side, this will stay a few days to remind me two things about how things happen. First, that sometimes a little effort carry wounds that are not deadly but unconfortable; and at the end these wounds would heal and leave as many scars as the process state. And second, that the same posture about what make us fall apart, strokes back most of the time without a notice.

I'm still learning on what does it mean not to foresee things as they happen. In the meanwhile, I need to pack many things and wait for the moment to move them to their final destination... Ich weiss wann nicht


Music by: Massive Attack & Mos Def [I against I (Rmx)]

Thursday, January 17, 2008


..."I can say the worst is nor behind nor ahead; but when I close my eyes at night..."

Music by: Massive Attack [What your soul sings]

Monday, January 14, 2008


Nothing in special to ask for.

And this is because nothing must be changed in order to make things easier to swallow.
I have learnt that the highest priority that shall lead the course of the acts resides on the ability of be clear with itself.
Everything has a price, and I know that this price must be paid sometimes in pain and sorrow. Not new for me... The message is not so pessimist this time, because at the end there is no clear statement on what will happen later. Even though, I don't know what to expect.
I have nothing to ask because I know that there is no need for that. Many promises had born in the while, and I just can think in the very first one that must be kept... I still see no reason to believe it won't be respected.
This is how I feel.
Music by: Bebel Gilberto [Sangre Púrpura]

Monday, January 07, 2008

Der Zweite

Just as I've recorded a previous single post stating my posture about what I expect to face; things make me consider to retrieve the point where all began. Something specially difficult for me is to let things happen without foreseeing the terms I want to reach on the road. Learning on this is once again my challenge; and at a certain point; my only option.
The case is that there is no case. Nothing has changed just because nothing had ever been different, and what's left for me is to keep making an effort to understand this condition. I think my greater fear is to lose what maybe was never mine; but I considered it like that...
I need to believe that this is worth for me to go through; because I realize that the prize is precisely what I look for and what I want as part of my life. In the midterm, the battle starts and ends with myself.
Music by: Ben Harper [Amen Omen]

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Der erste

Todos los días son buenos para pensar que las cosas son como podemos interpretarlas; y basado en eso, ¿Que podría tener de distinto ponerme a pensar en el tema justo hoy? Esa es precisamente el tipo de respuestas que quiero lograr en vez de las reflexiones circulares que tanto acostumbro.

Hay muchas cosas que me han puesto a pensar que todos los días las cosas pueden cambiar de como las conocimos antes, de que hacer planes con mucha antelación no siempre es la mejor opción para llevarlos a cabo. Las personas que están con nosotros pueden o pueden no estar el día de mañana. Hasta cierto punto no es una sorpresa. Solo quiero quedarme con la idea de que quiero pensar menos y hacer un poco mas.

Un nuevo año, nuevas oportunidades y nuevos retos; como lo ha sido cada uno de los anteriores. Ciertas diferencias me ayudan a verlo con una mejor disposición; pero hasta eso puede ser efímero.

Venga pues...

Music by: Pambo [Será]