Tuesday, February 26, 2008


At the end it sounds strange (specially) for me everytime I hear it. And I know that the truth will amaze and hit me one day; because I feel like everytime I'm walking on thin ice. Just as it was evident that I play the role I decide on time; I still cannot fully understand those things that stabbed me before.
I feel like searching for answers I won't hear, but at the same time I wonder if that's what I really want. On one side the canon state a possibility I should not stand but cannot clear either; and the declaration of war is always the path of pain I refuse to live again. On the other, I may be suffering of an excess of welfare that keeps me looking for reasons to justify a self-inflicted sadness. It may sound pretty apocalyptic, but I have clear now that the more I feel comfortable about it; the more I prepare to fall again. I guess that's my inherited nature.
An old friend is beside me again; or maybe he never left.
Ironically, I know he's what I need now to go trough all this.
Music by: Snow Patrol [Open your eyes]

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


... And you feel like no-one before
You steal right under my door
I kneel 'cause I want you some more
I want the lot of what you got
And I want nothing that you're not...
I think at the end, everything swirls around this condition... again.
Music by: 30 seconds to mars [Hunter]

Monday, February 11, 2008


Most of the time the vision stablished over a constant has a tendency to develop a certain blindness on what is new or what has ever been there. Not always new, nor never.

They said:

"That should put your thoughts in a perspective"

the right statement should have been:

"Should that put your thoughts in a perspective?"

Many things lurked around my mind during a time in which I tried to breathe again. I still don't know if it was a good idea or anything else would have had the same effect. I'm right in the same point I started, or at least that's what I want to believe as a self-protection mechanism.

I needed to travel far away, to realize I want to stay closer
I needed to scream loud, to remind me to remain silent
I walked a long distance searching for something, to realize it was inside my pocket.
Nothing has changed, but I'm here again, and that is what matters.

If happy times are too few and far between
It's a pity dear, we can't erase the things we've seen
So disappear, vanish if you wish
Just go before you're swallowed up by bitterness...
Music by: The White Stripes [Denial Twist]