Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Like a stone...

Swirling round with this familiar parable. Spinning, weaving round each new experience...
Everytime a routine becomes as it is; we may wonder on how did we got there. Just a coincidence of events or the punctual result of every moment spent before. I think there's always the fear to go through the same mistakes from the past, and even the things can be stated to be going well now; I'm trying not to let my feelings go away neither too good nor bad.

I see wellfare, effort, hunger for success and the fear needed to get anywhere; that's precisely what I admire overall. I cannot say by now that I can ensure this would last forever; but at least I know it will last until the end. That's enough...

I feel honored by having the privilege of hearing those words. And even I am precisely what the description made of yourself drawed, I'll do what's on my side to keep it this way.

Music by: Massive Attacks [A prayer for England]

Monday, April 14, 2008


World may seem sometimes to be preparing the next move on a game so complex that only hints about it's mechanics can be inferred. This could be a paranoic vision intending to alert our senses on a hero-like plot. It's not
At the end a game is just a model intended to delimitate the rules and functions of a system by the simplification of variables through a hard conception of the interactions between it's elements. I realize now that some games do require more than the good intention and the existence of whatever may have be considered as an element itself (sic). There was evident that some events may trigger the appearence of hidden moves; I'm pretty sure as part of a bigger strategy not willing to be shown 'til the right time.
I was really surprised about finding* a posture much like the one I've tried to avoid showing at all cost. No complain can have a room just because it is very simillar to mine; even now I must take an extra step to define what happens now in my own side.
Everything is just like it was before.
*not really sure if that really found me
Music by: Queens of the Stone Age [Lullabies to paralyze]

Monday, April 07, 2008

Terminal Dogma

At the end I think similarities between fan fiction and real life come to an end when a pairing match resembles for a brief moment on each other. Most of this caused by the misunderstanding of the true motivation behind facts; corresponding behavior is expected to follow the same path of tendency.
I think I have recently discovered many of the things that can use a change of mindset when a posture must be refered. Just like this theoretical concept, some stuff must be built around a different one to enhace the capacity of taking an advantage of it. I think this could be a useful point of view when trying to settle an explanation to some other things.
I know that some words may contain more than it's context, an that some others may be an empty shell for what they intend. I rather to change this mindset and start "building" around even I know this was not the true intention.
Just as everything I know of this world, wounds heal on time, either we can understard what healing means; or not.
Music by: Lenny Kravitz [I´ll be waiting]