Monday, May 19, 2008


Only if I have never thought about that this reality would have been other; but merely as a fact of conceptual desire on how things are being different as I try to focus in a reality that is more... noir. No matter how good can I feel about something, there's always a grief lurking aside.
I might be living someone's else life; just thinking that success would grant bits of happiness just for the inercy of events that guarantee the right to speak about future and fate. Someday I want to be able to stand against this conception, but I need weapons out of my reach by this point. Maybe just a look was enough to start Hell, just as Hell may have started even without my own notice.

I promised once not to give for sure things that make me feel good.
Running a downpath gives me some memories.
It's good that you cannot see your own eyes, somebody need to remain sane.
I never dared to say it to you, I will do it once and I hope you are still around to laugh at it.

Music by: Heroes del Silencio [Espuma de Venus]

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Curse

Help me I dont know what Im doing
Help me before I fall to ruin And if I'm blind,
I will lead you on
Come follow me now, before our time is gone

And as you're laughing at this fool tonight
Let me rid myself of any line that I might choose to trip you up
And as Im howling at the moonlight, dont you kid yourself
I will be your luck and never be your curse
Never be your curse

Help me I don't know what Im saying
Sometimes this tongue can be betraying
And if I'm wrong, is that such a crime?
And if you want, you can set my words to right

And if your eyes forget to well
And if your lies forget to tell
And if our paths forget to cross
It doesn't mean you're lost
I will be your luck
Even at my worst
I will be your luck
never be your curse...

Music by: Audioslave [Dandelion]

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Long as I see the light

Sometimes the future appears in fron of our eyes without a notice on why. This time this future had a strange path beaten down between a comfortable numbness and the reaction of the partial block on my Potasium BK channels. Unavoidably it seemed like it was the classic way we forgot the secrets we want to keep and we prefer to face each other without a meaning on the goal.

I was for a moment the witness of a beauty so big that frightened me to the bone. I felt impressed just by the fact of feeling that the words headed towards a reconaissance I started myself. Most of the time nobody has the ability of getting me to that point; and that's precisely what impresses me.

I know good times makes us think that there will always be like this; and waking up to a raw vision of how dreams turn into nightmares is the price quoted by inexperience. I'm the less indicated to speak about time and future. I'm what I am today just because I prefer fighting rather than dreaming... but that day you gave a picture able to rip out the tears I hate to show, so, I must thank you for getting fear back to me in that special way. I prefer not to even state what will be my posture for all this; because I know thaw I'm too delused to speak with soberty and hope. Sometimes I like to play games, not this time.

Whenever we both find the meaning of what we tried to say, nothing will change how warm I felt about hearing those words not just because it's intention, but for the way they made me imagine a future so beautiful I feared on how to get there...

Music by: Björk [You only live twice]