Friday, June 27, 2008


I feel high

After some time thinking in the right adjective to give a name to what scatters in and out without an aftermath; I decided to call it so.

Here are my reasons:

  • After all it came to me without pushing so far to retrieve it
  • Of course it was nice to have it; it still is, and by now I can't figure out when or how it will stop to be that way
  • Just like it seems, it creates an addiction
  • The effect seems well accepted by the host and the medium; even I cannot define by now who plays each role
  • Effects on a long term exposure are unknown, altough some sketches may be drawn at own risk
  • Sudden cutout effects are non-comparable to previous cases
  • I might be trying to be as scientific as possible; whenever it applies.
  • I cannot deny that as many products of it's kind, it bring enormous quantities of happiness

Meanwhile; I'm still waiting...

Music by: The Romantics [What I Like About You]

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Music by: Kashmir [In the sand]

Friday, June 06, 2008

fast viertel

Not so much time since the last entry; not enough to find an initiative; not so few reasons to do it again.

I come and go, here an there; doing this and that. The case is I'm at this present witnessing what I've built through actions and thoughts during my whole life. I can do good and evil as equal, and the decision is each time more and more unclear. I constantly find reasons to look forward a better future; but only if this future finds reasons to look for me. This is how life works I guess.

I'll avoid entering new perspectives just because I think it is the moment for making a pause; I need to breathe and by now I still don't know how.
... I just know that I want an Xbox 360.
Music by: Interpol [C´mere]