Thursday, September 18, 2008

Krank und Gesund

Recently, the fragility of health has been put into the misconceaval of bad times and some other reluctive thoughs. I see that anyway you look at it, we are always struggling against something different each time, but using the same argument. Most of the time we keep looking to the other side until we are all surrounded by overwhelming factors needing for our attention.
I wonder what would happen if we just take a second to look to what hurt us somehow each time; and avoid entering the eternal game of illness, by just stopping the first pinch before it opens a hole. Could it really work? Is this an answer?. I imagine what your head may be thinking now; about this behavior to cause an feverish obsession that could end as the same illness that it is intended to avoid. I have heard before that sometimes the cure is worst thant the illness, and it is always a good starting point for arguing.
We all carry this fear to the pain; but somehow we manage to keep it by our side most of the time. Even though, It takes bravery to recognize this and do something to lighten the forecast. Fortunately, rain season has almost ended (?).
Hablando de ello, realmente quisiera no tener que argumentar el por que de las ausencias cuando no he recibido el mismo trato en el pasado; pero tambien se que no es fácil entender que no todo es una vendetta; sino solo falta de beweggrund.
Music by: Last Shadow Puppets [unreadable]