Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Go with the ... Flow

It's been almost a complete month since the last time I defilled what hurts me in here. I cannot understand when I lost the control of what I think to allow a sea of uncanny deviations to what my principles represent. It is the time I fear about to become a victim of my own actions; but anyway I've just found that this only matters to myself.
How can I rest when all the answers are wrong?
I briefly switched roles to put on a perspective what it's happening. I just unwrapped the trap and designed a dummy-proof plan. I was not there to see the result; but in my mind that was the least of what was important. The time to check arrived and I just confirmed that destiny plays with us more ironically than we always suppose. I projected myself in Subject A (at this point doing exactly how I were supposed to react); and just found the same pityful reaction I recently have conceived.
I decided to let time take care of the dirty job; at the end I cannot imagine an ending far away from the written one. It was not necessary.
I wonder what may go trough the mind of this being as the struggle seems not to work in any way; but I admired the perseverance to drag it's own trap as far as his own force may allow. Is he really hoping to get free? I foresee the answer; and I envy it.
I feel like breaking the walls and start running until a blackout. Just need to talk to myself ... again.
Music by: Muse [Stockholm Syndrome]