Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Zeit / Science

Basta que estes lejos; y aún así te tengo a un lado.
Basta que el tiempo me haga mirar a otro lado, pero aún así encontrarte en cada objeto.
Basta tener frío para recordar tu abrazo
Basta lo que nos sepára, pero aún te llevo unida a mi.
Bastan tantas cosas; bastan tanto como el tiempo.

Music by: The Shadow Puppets [Stand Still]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Sometimes I tried to defend what I believe in by upstanding against things that threaten my own... environment. But just as the main effort was to watch for an outsider impact; I received a hit from the inside representing the untruthwort side of my own behavior.
It was enough to look directly to your eyes to see the fire burning inside; fed by the hate and rage of what was unknown but lurked against me prior to this moment, for sure. I heard what never before, and I saw the effect it carried along the moment. I will always look to get the truth from the lips of the interlocutor in a way that it's both convenient and leaves a sense of hope even there is no one. This time I feared about not being able to get to this, and just prepared for the impact on what I might have triggered. At the end I won't understand why, but the fact is that that existed in your eyes.
I wonder why I keep denying that soon this will become iconically significant; even this does not represent any commitment. I will clear that nothing we do is granting the next event in our lives, and indeed; nothing it's.
I will keep that bild on my mind, at the end is not only my side which was affected by it.
Music by: Nacho Vegas [ La Magnitud de la Tragedia]