Friday, January 29, 2010

Immer mehr für machen

We commonly come and go

thinking in what can we do for ourselves.

why not to question...

What Can I do myself?

for me including others.

and those others

are not always socially defined

as the object of help

even some people

keep fighting for it,

when the grattitude is rare

and barely spoken

at least in words we can write.

The bigger the effort
the quieter you reach yourself
and the closer you are for a change

Thank YOU

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Love my name
Love left dry
Frost or flame
Skeleton me
Fall asleep
Spin the sky
Skeleton me
Love, don’t cry
Love, don’t cry
Love, don’t cry
Skeleton me
Skeleton me

Soon comes rain
Dry your eyes
Frost or flame
Skeleton me
Fall asleep
Spin the sky
Skeleton me
Love, don’t cry
Love, don’t cry
Love, don’t cry
Skeleton me
Skeleton me

Music by: The Yeah Yeah Yeah's [Zero]

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fieber fur sagen

Today it's Rock season opening; after a long long time where hard experiences and distance from music inspiration where the constant.
Being considered in the long-time questioned genre classification as Indie rock-Garage punk, Mrs Karen O.; Brian Chase and Nick Zinner promess to blow our minds with their lyrics and highly inspirated rock.
For me this is a good chance to expect an asynchronous reflection based on lyrics and environment, based on what has been for me to reach this life. I will be together with my friends (not all, but a pair of good ones) and that's enough reason to say....
HELL YEAH !!!!!!

Music by: Fobia [Una vida Sencilla]

Monday, January 25, 2010

noch einmal...

"... y siempre voy a estar aqui; mas no puedo quedarme a verlo
te va a tocar desmantelar esta bomba de tiempo..."

Music by: Los Concorde [Bomba de Tiempo]

Monday, January 18, 2010

Neues Zeit

Suddenly the plans come out of nothing just as if I had ignored them for a long time. It was not really that there were no plans, but instead that those plans were not a priority and I was instead looking toward some other stuff as worrying reasons. I have a tendency to think that there is no other way to find those things that bring happiness; but that is an idea I like to question by now, considering the fragility of my own concept of justice.
It is by now comfortable to realize that there are fewer problems that took away my dreams at night ; since it will be a problem soon that the same lack of issues could lead me to look for them. I know myself and that is why I'm pretty sure of this. I still believe that Truth is something worth to fight for...
"I want it all, and I want it now"

Music by: Queen [I Want it all]

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

L'Via L'Viaquez

Recently I have been overwhelmed by the temperature, the wheater, the color of underwear and inpersonal gaming through the Gold suscription; therefore I understand why the only thing that come to my mind at this point is...

My Gym Partner's a Monkey

(Monkey Monkey Monkey)

My Gym Partner's a Monkey

(Monkey Monkey Monkey)

My Gym Partner's a Monkey


My Gym Partner's a Monkey!
Music by: Santana [Black Magic Woman]

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Déjà Vécu

Everyone of us have had an experience of the sensation we occasionally realize that what we are saying or living had been said or lived before; in a way we are able to predict for a couple of seconds what is coming next. I wonder what might happen whenever we try to explain the root of this into the limits of what we understand as predictability of a soft phenomena. This is strangely related to irrelevant situations like an informal conversation of a simple trip back home that are hardly consequent in a higher context. Even there are several hypotheses regarding the root cause of this; it's still kind of hard to explain something that cannot be registered, reproduced neither accurately detected in any way. The question is still, what's the point of living this?

A more plausible approach to an explanation comes from the fact that being able to predict a pointless situation is not really a precognition of the previously lived, but instead a glitch in the recording memory representing a feeling of something being reminded for a second time. This might be supported by the fact that it specially hard to explain further details like when, where or how this came to happen. The curious aspect of this same theory is that secondary events may relate to each other composing a same plotline; which then represent a lower possibility of fitting along together coherently; therefore representing a more comprehensive effort of our brain to reliably gather the situation.

I used to wonder why are we obsessed with the understandment of those things that happen to distract us from looking for an answer itself; and this would be something I wish to learn as part of my life.

...from the forest itself comes the axle for the axe...

Music by: Jonatan Rys Meyers [This time]

Monday, January 04, 2010

Menschlich Akkordfolge

Is it everytime we note the absence of it; that we realize that all the time we heard the rythm of our lifes guiding our tale in a sometimes hard to follow harmony. I recently heard that music is the reminder that God had something else to do than us and therefore that is why music is still keeping so many secrets for the human race. Most of us are capable of hearing it, but the true nature of this sinergy is what do we need to do to listen to what our song is trying to tell us.

I came aware too that everytime we would try to describe / permute / follow / write / explain this symphony to anoter being; the only result is an skip in the level of understandment that you can ensure for yourself; being thus kind of hard to get back to a concept appliable to your current condition. I think our own fears regarding not knowing how to follow this music is what make us look for advise on what to do next, and this only distract us from being able to hear whatever is contained in those notes. At the end we are the same alone and not alone, depending on why we use this decision for. As a result of this condition, I infer that we are determined to live our life under the long play of a soundtrack giving a landscape to what we go through, dressing with emotions this picture mute no more. Then, we learn why music bring us emotions, personal and individual meanings for a same note. There is no absolute pain neither absolute joy that can be initiated through music, since the mere concept of absolutism may be related too a certain "melody" and moment.

At the end everything is resumed to how we hear this music being played only for us, intended to bring us a message that is only feasible in the same moment and rythm we are living. Wheter we can use this music on our benefit or not, it would only make sense in the same moment and personal belongings written on a partiture greater than we could picture.
Music by: Lilly Allen [22 (Acoustic)]