Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vierzehn minuten

Hearing the sound of the wind is something underestimated across ages of our lives. Normally, we are to used to hurry and speed up as long as something must be done and therefore we have a reason to look straigth to the moment and go on. Simple as sight but complicated as seeing.

Many things could cheer up the moments just because of the inertia of whatever comes after; instead of representing by themselves hope and joy caused by pure existence. Sometimes it is not at all about pushing and harvesting; not about having a big smile and pretending nothing happens in a perfect world. It is this way just because it is so; and the only way to going back to an idle state is more of this...

I write this because I've been trying to do what's right; and at the end I know I could stay there all night, just watching clouds fall from the sky.

yes, this river is wild...

Music by: Björk [The Comet song]

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


"...because this River is wild!"

Music by: Queen [ Winners take all]