Monday, June 27, 2011


Then there was a couple of seconds we both spend staring at each other. This wasn't special at all, because we both know how all would end. I guessed on why to struggle for an unavoidable fate in such a filthy manner instead of the possibility of a mutually convenient agreement. I will do my best to kill you. It's up to you then.

Mercy is a trademark of chevalry, not only from a gentleman, but from a fair  player. So be not a mouse ...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Geburtstag v 28.0

Is this the time when an irreluctant reflection should pass by only to remember that dates remind us things that matter. I consider a valuable time has been invested in order to complete more stages in a life plan intended to be present a lot more of dates.

I have the privilege of continuing with the gathering of those things that allow me to sleep at night; and spend a couple of smiles during the day. Even though, challenges are still there; and sometimes I lost the focus staring at them as if they were walls that avoid the reach of my own goals. Once and again I realize that those walls are part of the road. They always were... and I'm still here.

I must and I want to thank somebody. Every person that made me what I'm today is part of this; independently of a black/white tag on our life status. I present my respect to all of you in the form of an impersonal thought. And it is not because I lack of warmness, but because I believe all of you understand what I put in these words.

Thank you for believing in me.

Music by: Oasis [Champagne Supernova]