Sunday, March 23, 2014

Du bist...

Is it somehow again a lonesome feeling on itself that brings me back to write about what is and shall not be anymore. I used (and still I do)  to think that overcoming to this kind of emotions is something a worthy gentleman must count among the toolkit on his back. Now,  being placed merely in the role of a character in this film noir,  I can try to leave in words what does it mean to feel the same way again.

It's all about time: when things go this way,  it takes a little bit more time to understand it than the beat the heart skips in the process,  to understand that for once,  it was you and only you the one creating the silent devotion I suddenly realized as something risky and charming at the same time. Threatening all I have so far created and believed,  it was pure...  Real...  Brutal ... It was you.

This story starts and ends in the very same moment then...

It implied mending a heart that cracked itself on the routine of boredom and this was, at least for you a feasible explanation to what on the other side I could have only conceived through your smile. This strength confirmed your past of pain and wisdom.  Maybe I have said only enough as to flash my respect and recognition to whom deserves to be reminded about it frequently, just because it is true. As long as this joins me in my concept of you,  I know u separating what I feel for you from what I respect of a given condition is my main task. We were never close to each other, meaning there was also not something that deserves to be forgotten.

I can only feel this was 99% on me,  but a sympathetic glimpse of a shine makes me feel it was also living in you on a so different manner that it made our story to live for a second in the way we both wanted.
This is what I believeand what dreaming on angels I found is all about. In a funny way, I'm sure I will need you and you may need me some dayso being out of each other's reach can only be worst than this feeling. It is indeed,  a tide....

The last part of this song is yet to be written, but most surely not by me. And in case you'll never hear it from my mouth or my pen: I respect you,  I admire what you are and what you try to be,  I want you and I love you.

This you can trust


                   Music by [ The XX -  Angels,  ShelterNight time, Tides, Our song]