Wednesday, April 20, 2011

seit.../ Zeit....

Don't you hear, Don't you see them falling,
Don't you hear, Don't you see them falling.

Do you remember mama, when I knocked upon your door?
I said you had the nerve to tell me you didn't want me no more, yeah
I open my front door, hear my back door slam,
You must have one of them new fangled back door man.

I've been working from seven, seven, seven, to eleven every night, It kinda makes my life a drag...
Baby, Since I've Been Loving You, I'm about to lose, I'm about lose to my worried mind...

Music by (of course): Led Zepellin [Since I've Loving You]

Monday, April 11, 2011

Horen sie sich

True nature of sound is often related to whatever we assume is able to produce it. Therefore we associate the source of the sound to the things we know and remember; and commonly we do not infer from this source to be different that the one we remember. Just as we phase out the certainty of the widely spread knowledge in the form of questions; an increasing willingness for redirecting predefined postures against the most pure instinct of basic concepts can be refreshing.

with this as a basis; comes the main line of this post. Whenever we produce significant signals of our stay and permanence over this world; in the form of matter and disturbance in several ways; sound is clearly recognizable as a milestone of our existence and therefore a distinctive mark of human life.

How does the sound remain then as a sign of our existence?

Sound is created by a disturbance travelling through and ellastic media; therefore representing a discrete event in a timeline. Based once again in the fact that we recognize sounds with the stored information we can associate regarding what we are focusing in; sound must be rebuilt by our brain based on a continuous spectrum of an scale we can recognize... but sound is ephimerous and therefore not repeatable either by an exact phenomena; nor the rephasing of the same act originally producing it. How can we ensure then sound is exactly what we listened before?

Think of this the next time you wake up in the morning hearing the same alarm clock you have for years now; or the next time you hear the voice of those whom you love... are they really there?

Music by: Does it really matter?