Sunday, July 26, 2015

Immer noch

It happened that fast as it came out of scratch. As soon as a week can bring distance and joy to a recipe this crazy.

Whether this is made to last or not; I keep pretty clear that it will not be the hardest thing ever happened to both.

But it might be as we ever dreamed

Friday, July 03, 2015

Anders du...

It's again a glimpse of that smile.  Enough as to  shake and tremble all foundations of my reality.  I wonder how, as only wondering I can think again in you and all those seconds I'm blinded by your strength and grace. This I've lived before just in the same and at the same time different way. I'm sure makes no sense to try to explain whatever can be as simple as to say "she's all I admire". It's you,  again and again giving me a reason as to question myself what is what I really want. Being not fair at all for you,  I let all this to flood my heart with your voice and smile,  causing this uncertainty about my feelings for you.

Why not?  Fair and simple as: why would you say "yes"?

An irrational side of me keeps asking for a way to get closer to you,  only to find I'm more afraid of realizing you do not need it. Time then for a more realistic portion of myself picturing how will the things be if I choose to blow it out in an excess of unrequested sincerity. Being me,  I know our roads are to be joined by our current reality ,  but never shared in the way I'd like now. You are a great woman, a wonderful mother and a beautiful lady, my words will make no justice to define you better than what
you see yourself in the mirror.

I'm somehow feeling down for the mere fact of feeling this way, little,  quiet and nostalgic when I look at you. I do not know more about the things that made you the way you're now; even I must admit I'd like to have a grasp on them, they represent the recipe of your greatness in such an small package; and therefore only a reason to show my respect and recognition. I have a big crush on you,  and you're the last person I will tell about it.

The reason to keep it as it is is precisely that.  You deserve to feel love and be loved in return.  It will come when the guy above us think you need it, and will be as good as you ever dreamed. This you can count on as sure as the love you give from the heart is addressed to your little you in an unconditional way,  and that makes the whole world to be in debt. I have no choice but to celebrate each moment spent with you, and handle myself with respect for all you are to me now.

I would have liked to find you in other time,  but this does not weaken how you are still great to me.  Even these words will never reach you,  they imply all I cannot avoid to feel.

Music by [Regina Spektor] - Samson